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Transmission Service in Clovis, CA

Giving your car the required transmission fluid change and flush is very important for the maintenance of your vehicle’s health. In fact, many manufacturers do recommend that you regularly schedule some type transmission service for your vehicle at some point of its lifetime. When you keep up with your vehicle’s transmission maintenance, it is likely to run like new, stay strong, and perform better.

Symptoms That Your Transmission System Needs Service:

  • Transmission slipping between gears
  • Dragging clutch
  • Delays or lags in between gear changes
  • Smells of a burning fluid from the engine
  • Unusual clunking and grinding noises

A transmission service involves removing the old fluid and replacing it with a new high quality one. The new fluid restores the holding power that is needed in between clutches. It also washes away any tiny particles or contaminants that could have accumulated in the old fluid -as a result of wear and tear from the clutch or other metal shavings. These particles clog and block areas between moving parts, hence causing wear to the transmission. At Clovis Auto Shop, we are here to solve all your transmission service and maintenance worries. Look no further for your Clovis transmission service needs!

Why Clovis Auto Shop?

At Clovis Auto Shop, we are your number one all-stop repair experts for Clovis transmission service. Therefore, as a resident of Clovis, CA, you don’t need to worry about where you will have your vehicle professionally serviced. From the moment you contact us, to the moment you leave our shop, we guarantee you friendly and satisfactory services in each and every step of the way.

Our modernly designed auto repair shop utilizes the latest diagnostic systems in the industry. These computerized systems enable us to inspect and detect your car's problem accurately, so we can get to the exact root of the problem.

Our team of technicians are highly qualified, certified, and experienced to handle any transmission repair job. We hire only the best in the industry so that our service delivery is done right "the first time". We have so much confidence in our team that we offer a 3 year/36000 miles warranty on all our Clovis Transmission service repairs.

If you feel like you’re having problems with your transmission or are just not sure. Come to Clovis Auto Shop! Your place for Clovis transmission services!

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